7 Strategies to Master Relationships

by Melissa Krivachek

what-women-want-in-men.jpgAs many of you know at Briella Arion our catch phrase is “People before profits and relationships before results.”  I want to spend some time talking about the importance of developing relationships and how they affect both our personal lives and our professional careers.  A relationship is more than just emotional it’s physical, mental, and psychological.  There are seven ways to master our relationships with both ourselves and others.  Throughout this article I expand on Susan Scott’s book titled “Fierce Conversations.”


  • Master the courage to interrogate reality.  Weak individuals look for agreement while strong individuals value one another’s opinion and take it into consideration when solving a problem.  It’s not about who is right but rather what is right.  When we interrogate reality we provoke learning, tackle tough challenges, and enrich our relationships.


  • Come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real.  Having a conversation with your spouse, boss, or co-worker can often times be a daunting task, it is during this time though that we should prepare ourselves to be in the conversation and nowhere else. 


  • Be here, prepared to be nowhere else.  What does that exactly mean though?  Picture yourself having a conversation, how is your body language, where are your eyes wondering to, what is the tone of your voice, what are you thinking?  All of these factors play into how one could perceive the information we are trying to express, while at the same time symbolize that we would rather be anywhere but here.  It’s important to challenge yourself to engage at the deepest level of the conversation while being both authentic and transparent.


  • Tackle your toughest challenge today.  We often save the toughest job for last but we could be much easier on ourselves if we dove into the larger projects and toughest challenges and got them off our plate.  It is these challenges that take up a significant portion of our time, energy and thoughts and in doing so drain us.  By taking on the toughest challenge we clear our mind and accelerate our relationships.


  • Obey your instincts.  As Susan states in the book “Our radar screen works perfectly. It is the operator who is in question.” When we slow down and clear our hearts and minds we can hear and feel the truth in the depths of our being. Instead of being captive to every whim and urge, when we are clear on our purpose there are sources of knowledge beyond the five senses. The Universe is sending us messages all day every day. We feel it in our gut. We hear it in our head. We know it in our heart. Instinctual messages come to us while we sleeping. People give us hints. We know before we know. We need to tune in and take action.


  • Take responsibility for your emotional wake.  An emotional wake is how you leave a person feeling once you leave their presence.  By taking responsibility you know and understand how you communicate, treat, respect, and influence them through both verbal and non-verbal communication.  For example during an argument you could leave your partner, boss, or co-worker feeling angry, jealous, upset, or by resolving your argument you could leave them feeling relieved, excited, and joyous that what’s been on their mind for days or even months has now been resolved.


  • Let silence do the heavy lifting.  Often times in our communication with others we fill the gaps with meaningless drivel or ask irrelevant questions that take the conversation off track. We see silence as an awkward admission of our incompetence.  By slowing down we give ourselves and others involved in the conversation time and space to reflect, to ponder, and to gain insight. In doing so deeper dialogue, and relationships begin to emerge.


At the end of the day real relationships are formed when we allow people into our lives.  In real relationships there is no hidden agenda. It’s all about mutual company not what we can get from each other. No ambition, nothing other than one other’s company. Relationships are the backbone of business and the support that binds humans together.  I want to challenge you to bring value to every person you encounter today and every day and as you do you’ll notice your mindset, actions, behavior, and results begin to change.


About Melissa Krivachek

Melissa_Krivachek.jpgMelissa Krivachek, President of Briella Arion, is deeply & passionately committed to the growth & effectiveness of young leaders, teams, and organizations. Melissa is a High Caliber Leadership, Sales, and Personal Growth Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Life Enthusiast! To IGNITE your Purpose, Presence, Passion, & Profit visit http://www.ignite-leadership.com.

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