Rest is the Key to a Great Business, Marriage and Life

By Don Purdum


Have you ever met people who just don’t rest? Ever? Are you one of those people who never rest?

I have heard so many gurus’ talk about how rest is overrated and you can rest when you die. That’s the biggest bunch of bull I’ve ever heard. Even God rested on the seventh day and enjoyed what He had created.

Rest is a physical, emotional, and spiritual must!

Tim has to be the hardest working, hardest charging, get it done guy I have ever met. He is relentless. And then there is Tina with the biggest heart you will ever come across. There isn’t a school event or activity she isn’t passionate about and is involved in throughout the community making a difference.

Do you know what the common denominator is between Tim and Tina?

They both appear to be everywhere, all of the time, accomplishing great things for everyone and everything. But their personal lives are in complete neglect, they are just so well organized it appears they have it all, but on the inside they are exhausted and frustrated.

Each morning they wake up and they think about all the things that have got to be done. Day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month it’s go, go, go while never stopping to see what is happening around them and to them.

They never take time for themselves to rest. Not even a good night’s sleep kind of rest will do for them let alone a day of rest and relaxation.

Then one day the fire alarm goes off, a crisis hits. Their own self neglect has left them emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. They have done so much for so long, for so many that the tank has finally gone empty. Then serious problems happen in their business and personal life.

Let me be really clear, every needs to rest. I’m not talking about taking a few hours here and there to mow the lawn, get a message, or play a little golf, etc.

I’m talking about every month taking a day and walking away from everything to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

I’m talking about taking a day and go to the lake, beach, or your favorite getaway spot in the middle of nowhere all by yourself. Find a rock, I don’t care, but grab you a good book and prepare to just experience nature and life.

Once a quarter, grab a few friends and do a getaway. If you like fishing, then go fishing. If you like motorcycles, go bike riding. Invite your spouse and go have fun! Life is not meant to be so serious all of the time. Occasionally, you need to have some fun doing something other than working or serving!

Give yourself a chance to rest and enjoy things. It will refresh you and energize you. It will enable to do more than you ever thought possible as you gain clarity, focus and energy.

rest-with-family.pngWhen you recharge your batteries, you’ll be able to understand why you are doing the things you are doing, and are they even the right things to be doing.

This weekend, I’m taking a healthy dose of my own medicine. Relaxing, enjoying my family, swimming, and headed out later to a museum. It’s good to laugh, play, and have fun with my family!


Have a thought, idea, or comment? Do you have some ideas on how we can recharge our batteries? Please share them below, we need some inspiration!

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