What Are You Pursuing? What is Your Desire?

by Don Purdum

desire.pngWhat are you passionate about? What is your greatest desire? It's up to you to find it, and when you do, never stop the pursuit of it!

Desire will keep you focused, and it will help you work through hard times to achieve your goals.

Obstacles are just that, obstacles. They are put in front of you to test you, to see if you really want something or are you just talk. Obstacles are there to push you, challenge you, and help you.

It's all in your mindset. Do you really want your marriage to make it? Do you really want your business to make it? Do you really want to succeed in your career?

Desires may start as a wish in your mind until you strive to achieve it.

When you desire something, you will not allow excuses to stop you, you will not fill your head with stories that are untrue. Your desire is stronger than that!

Desire does not allow to you say that you will pursue a passion for a few months and quite if you get no encouragement. It does not allow you to say "I will keep my eyes open for another opportunity in case I fail to get what I want."

When you decide to pursue your passion, you will not allow yourself to escape, retreat, or find something else. You have to achieve it, and nothing else will do!

What will you set out to do today to find your desires and passions? What will you do and what length will you go to achieve it? It may take months, years, or decades?

Are you willing to look for your opportunity?

Good! Because you will find it in places you don't expect or never would have thought. I know, because I'm living it right now and when the time is right I will share the specifics. These words my own, they are my experiences, and they are the goals of my life.

I will not apologize for pursuing my passions and desires:

  1. My God and my faith
  2. My wife and our marriage
  3. My children
  4. Our work to save marriages and help businesses

What are your passions and desires? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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